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Indian heAD MASSAGE 

Indian Head Massage is a traditional massage treatment ideal for relaxation and stress relief. It focuses on working with the shoulders, neck, head and face using strokes that are flowing and rhythmical pressure to points along the upper back, head and face. It also includes stillness holds aimed at supporting natural balance of the bodies energies.

Indian Head Massage is given while you are seated over clothing and with or without the use of oil. (Traditionally oil is used to when working with the hair to support hair growth and condition.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage:

  • Releasing muscular tension and relaxing the shoulders, neck and scalp

  • Reducing migraine and frequency of headaches

  • Improving sleep patterns and insomnia

  • Improving sinusitis

  • Stimulating circulatory and lymphatic system

  • Reducing stress and enhancing a feeling of well being

Indian Head Massage at Maalish - The Massage Clinic 

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